Dedicated Landing Pages

Filling the Google Adwords account with numerous keywords is not enough when your final aim is conversion. Go for campaign-related ppc landing page, because there’s where the real money is.

A number of our clients have a noteworthy Google Adwords account adorned with numerous keywords that have good click-through rates. But at Digital Flic, we help our clients realize that Adwords is not enough; it’s time to create targeted, attractive adwords landing page. A superior quality landing page design will optimize your Cost Per Action in a much better manner, bringing in more money.

Our experts design different types of campaign-specific landing pages including wordpress landing pages, which are unique and kept separate from the main website. Every landing page has a single-clear-cut goal and a call-to-action. We recommend our clients to direct Google Adwords campaign traffic to the landing page rather than the home page of their website.

A dedicated landing page makes you stay ahead of competition since:

  • Lead generation and conversion becomes easier with a ppc landing page, due to its strong focus on a single objective.
  • It becomes more convenient to manage analytics and reporting.

Digital Flic provides extremely customized adwords landing page to help your business reach the target market. For best results, we offer landing pages that are fast loading and mobile responsive.

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